About the Showcase

Due to current social distancing guidelines, our Senior Showcase has gone online. This is better for many reasons; networking from your couch, no awkward small talk, and way more time to check out students’ awesome work!

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About the Team

​The 2020 Senior Showcase team is comprised of 5 talented creatives and 3 operations management graduating seniors whose resilience and commitment to their work has been proven by producing an amazing website during these trying times. Having to pivot from an in-person event to an online format halfway through the semester, these individuals immediately switched gears to continue an honored tradition.

  • Morganne Hodgson


    Art Director


    Back in 2012, Morganne was customizing her Tumblr theme by using Frankenstiened code. Once she started learning more about graphic and web design at Temple, she realized that if she took the time to learn how to properly code, there was a world of possibilities. She’s still learning, but problem solving is her favorite thing to do.

  • Charlie Dawes


    Art Director


    When she was 10, Charlie made a stop motion lyric video with her best friend to All Star by Smash Mouth in the hopes it would go viral (it didn’t). While her creative mediums may have changed, she is always looking for different ways to express her creativity.

  • Malia Hee


    Art Director


    Art and design literally flow through Malia’s blood; she practically grew up in art museums. If you sit down with her for coffee, brace yourself for a comprehensive discussion about a recent art history podcast she listened to or the latest graphic design trends.

  • Dan Wallace




    Dan can be preeeetty quiet unless we’re talking about fruit snacks, Minecraft, or Animal Crossing; then you can expect at least a two hour conversation on the subject at hand.

  • Jessica Heydlauf




    Jess was put on this earth to tell stories; she loves coming up with creative and crazy concepts to make advertising fun.

  • Kerra Masella


    Operations Manager


    Enjoys planning events no matter how big or small and has a passion for interior design. Kerra’s favorite pastime is watching movies that she has seen a million times before, such as The Parent Trap and A Cinderella Story.


    Operations Manager


    Finding the proper balance between behind the scenes work & being in the spotlight is where Dani inhabits. One can also find her in the nearest coffee shop.


Faculty Advisor for the Creative Superstars behind the showcase: After working at 4 different ad agencies in 9ish years (the industry ‘norm’), she began teaching. Now in her 12th year, she recently realized she has never done anything for this long except breathe. The only thing that might surpass her time teaching is the amount of time she’s spent at concerts.


Faculty director of Diamond Edge Communications, Temple’s student-run advertising agency. The Senior Showcase was one of a dozen projects the agency completed this year.


Showcase founder and dedicated committee member. You'll find Kathy musing about the nuances of font pairing with her art direction students or sketching ideas for her latest client project.


LiRon Anderson-Bell is an Assistant Professor in Klein College’s Advertising and Public Relations department, and the founder of both The PR Glow Up and Crisis Contingency Academy. LiRon reached the intermediate level as an adult fencer, secretly desires to be a club DJ, and one day after tripping on a New York City sidewalk, was helped to safety by The Temptations (who happened to be performing nearby).