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Isaac Schein

Account Director

Matt Feevish

Account Manager

Emma Rich


Meet the Back of the House

Faculty Committee

Kathy Mueller,

Creative Advisor


Steve Ryan,

Operations & P.R. Advisor

Stacey Harpster,

DEC Instructor

Joseph Glennon,

Ad & PR Department Chair

Michelle Rambo,

Director of Administration and Events, Department of Advertising and Public Relations

Dawn Ramos,

Klein Event Director, Department of Advertising and Public Relations

Amanda Stankiewicz,

Director of Marketing and Communications, Klein College of Media andCommunications

Sydney & Jileah,

Student Center Staff

Alicia Q. Ferguson,

Assistant Director, Student Center Operations & Conference Services

Victoria Wilcox,

Campaign Photographer

Peter Hou,

Event Videographer

A Special Thanks To

We have invited employers back to campus for the first time since 2019. Be Our Guest is the creative concept that bridges this milestone and the auspicious graduating class of 2023. It’s more than an event and website. It’s a way to celebrate Philadelphia’s community, Temple’s philosophy of giving, and new beginnings. Be Our Guest and view our delectable graduating class of 2023. 

Theme Manifesto

Cyleigh Russell-Grace

Art Director

Eva Schenck

Art Director

Leah Miller

Art Director

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